Quality Control and Assurance has been a popular and practical term in global commercial setup. In education sector, developed countries have been taken measurable steps for quality development and assurance. Keeping this fact in view, Higher Education Commission, Pakistan established Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in Islamabad and established Quality Enhancement Cell in the public and private institutes phase wise. QECs are responsible for all functions at the universities for the implementation of quality assurance / enhancement policies and programs. These Cells will be headed by professionals, equivalent to status of Dean, directly responsible to the Vice Chancellors / Rectors.

Realizing the importance of Quality Assurance, DUET has established its Quality Enhancement Cell in November 2009 to implement the quality improvement programs under the supervision and guidelines of the Higher Education Commission and QAA.


  • Introduce “Self Assessment” culture at DUET as prescribed by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to evaluate, analyze and implement skills at all levels.
  • Welcome and adopt all types of technical and technological advancement emerging in the world
  • Setting measurable standards of Quality Assurance to develop individual’s and group’s practices for both teachers and students.
  • Establishing a system to utilize available infrastructure in a productive manner and along with this, discover needs of additional one to get quality results of teaching and learning.
  • Utilize the available resources in a uniform way to get more benefits from the same.
  • Introduce and develop quality examination standards to ensure transparent results.
  • Introduce and promote self and systematic academic audit.
  • Seek affiliation and collaboration with high rank and recognized national and international agencies
  • Establish Joint venture, twinning and collaborative projects with international Universities of repute and work on grant/funding proposals of UNESCO, UNDP, EC and others.