Functions of QEC at DUET

  • Rethinking and ReformationThe primary function of QEC is to make all stake holders to get prepare to rethink and then reform their activities and participation in an effective manner to match their skills with HEC standards at local and global level.
  • Programme Evaluation ProcessIntroduce and get implement SELF ASSESSMENT (SA) exercise in all departments on the basis of criteria defined by HEC. Introduce and promote assessment and evaluation culture to enhance academic quality.
  • Quality StandardsQEC is responsible for defining clear and explicit standards to all departments following HEC’s (Pakistan) guidelines. Conduct a non stop review process to monitor the performance of all academic entities to achieve desired results and to meet international norms.
  • Academic AuditAcademic Audit is a new trend in Pakistan’s Public education Sector. Academic Audit is an effective method to give prestige and value to the degrees for its international acceptance. QEC is responsibe to deploy Academic Audit program at DUET.
  • Training and FacilitationQEC is responsible to conduct workshops and seminars to facilitate, guide and train the faculty and students to give a platform to exchange and share their skills, ideas and experience with their fellows and junior members.
  • Scholarships-InternshipQEC will put efforts to guide and provide internal/external, local and international scholarships/Internship chances to the students by playing a middle role b/w concern bodies and interested parties.